107 107’s across the harbour bridge

2021 was fifty years since the introduction of the R107 and C107 models. The R107 would go on to be particularly long lived model, finally getting the axe in 1989. Despite being obviously old by then, it was still selling well right through the 80s.

As part of the celebrations for the model, the Mercedes Benz Club decided to attempt driving 107 107’s across the Harbor Bridge. According to club officials, the 107 is the most popular model in the club. That meant we may be in with a shot! It was still going to be a big ask. […]

2018 Shannons Sydney Autumn Classic Preview

I stopped by the upcoming 2018 Shannons Sydney Autumn Classic auction today to check out the cars on offer. A big part of this auction is numeric plates. These have proven to be a good investment for many of the last few years. Personally I regard them a bit like Bitcoin, the latest fad without fundamentals. It’s not like you can enjoy driving your #37 number plate even if it loses value. Lots of people have made money though! Looking at the cars, some of the more interesting lots were:

Lot 62: 1962 Jaguar E-Type 3.8 OTS

This is a […]

The R107 560SL is not the best model in the series

In recent years a nice 560SL is going for 3-4x the price of other R107s. They have always been the most valuable of the series, but are they worth the extra money? I would argue they are not event he the best model of the series. They might be the newest, and have the largest engine, but that doesn’t make them the best.

The 560SL was sold between 1986 and 1989 in the third ‘series’ of the model. It was a model only sold in the USA, Australia and Japan, primarily because the emissions regulations of these countries had taken […]