Hero Hoists Side by Side Parker Installation Part 1

I help defray the costs of my workshop by renting some spaces for car storage. This was making the workshop quite cramped, especially with the addition of the 560SEC. Hero hoists offered an interesting four post hoist – a model that could lift two cars side by side and lift them both without the centre […]

The great shed tour of 2016

As you go to car shows and car club events, you realize that there are many more big car collections out there than you would expect. Not just celebrities like Jay Leno, but people who live in the same city as you who have extensive and interesting car collections. Friends of mine think I am […]

Product Review: SCA Hydraulic Vehicle Positioning Jack

Supercheap Auto had their hydraulic positioning Jack on sale ($162 e.a.) last week so I picked up a set for the garage. There are some parts of the Garage that are not easy to get cars in/out of, and I’ve also had situations such as with the 280CE where there are cars that are not […]

Light plane arrives at the garage!

In other news, an aeroplane fuselage arrived at the garage today. I’m storing it for a guy who plans to restore it some day. Apparently his father crashed it some time ago in Germany and he would like to restore it. He needs to work on the wings and engine first and needed a safe […]