NOS C Pillar trims for the DS

Despite having no luck with the normal European suppliers, I was able to source much better C Pillar trims for the DS locally through the Aussie Frogs Forum.    The DS C Pillar trims are a key part of the design, and fit in under the indicator trumpet.  As my car is a DS21 Comfort, the trims with the ‘thick’ corrugations are correct.   ID19s have different trims, as do Pallas cars.   The trims are rather fragile and in fairly poor shape on many cars.   My trims were wavy, discoloured and had some paint overspray.     To replace them, I have one new old stock trim, still in original bag, and one good used trim.   This is a real find, as they are no longer being made and the used ones I had found previously were worse than what I had.

DS C Pillar Trims

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