250SE crash repair update – paint

Today I went by to check out how things were going on the 250SE crash repair.   Last week the panel work was nearly complete and the car was almost ready for pant.    The paint was just done yesterday so it was good timing to take a look at the car.    It’s looking really good!

250SE crash repairThe front chassis, wing and bonnet are now all painted and they look perfect.   The leading edge of the bonnet got a few scratches from the Kangaroo’s head.  the area of the wing just to the left of the grille took the brunt of the damage.   You certainly would not know now.

250SE crash repairThe front wing is quite an interesting shape with the headlight bucket and the front area next to the grille.   It doesn’t seem like something you could easily just ‘stamp’ out.

250SE crash repairThe bonnet is going to look really good with the repaired grille on it.   The 250SE is painted 180 Silver Grey.   You can see the difference of the colour when its parked next to a later silver like Astral Silver.

By early next week the panels should be back on the car and just waiting the grille and various bits to arrive.   The grille mesh is coming from Egypt, but it still hasn’t left there for some reason.   Possibly not as many flight options as before COVID.

I’m really looking forward to getting this car back on the road and behind the wheel again.     I’m really happy with how the 250SE crash repair is going.   They are doing a great job on the car.

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