Autoworld Brussels

The last museum I visited while in Europe was Autoworld Brussels. It is a large museum right in the middle of Brussels and has a large collection of interesting cars, including former royal cars of the Belgian royal family.

It was a very nice museum, although not as good as the Louwman Museum. If you’re […]

The Louwman Museum

During my recent trip to Europe, I went to the Louwman Museum, in The Hague, Netherlands. I cannot recommend this museum highly enough. It is superb. The collection is excellent, it is well laid out, and has good descriptions in English. I’ve included the descriptions in the photo gallery below.

Some highlights:

Rare and interesting […]

The E-Type gets a new set of balls

The E-Type went in for a service this week, and came out with a new set of ball joints for the front suspension. It will also need new front wishbones at some point as a number of shims were needed to get it all put together right, so I’ll keep an eye out for a […]

2013 Volvo V40 D2 Review

After spending two weeks with a Volvo V40 and covering over 3,100 km, I felt like I well and truly knew what this car would be like to own.

The Volvo V40 was owned by Hertz, and I rented it from Oslo, Norway to Brussels, Belgium. Hertz were the only company I could find willing […]

Troubleshooting the Retrosound Model 2 in a Citroen DS

The Retrosound Model 2 is finally working in the Citroen DS, and working well!

The issue if you recall was that the unit would reboot any time I turned up the volume, used the bluetooth, etc. I had wired up the radio to the accessory point behind the dashboard, however on closer examination of the […]

2013 ACT German car show

I was in Canberra this weekend, so I went along to see the annual German car show (organized by the various ACT clubs including the Mercedes Benz Club ACT), which was held in the carpark near the treasury building. it is normally held on the lawn in front of the lake but poor weather forced […]

The Volvo Museum

While I was in Sweden, I stopped by the Volvo Museum in Gothenberg. Seemed fitting since I was driving a rental Volvo!

I’ve always been a fan of the P1800 Coupe, which was good to see one in there with some interesting extras we don’t see here including headrests, a fan for the rear passengers […]

A visit to Citro Classique / Citro Toon

While I was in Europe, I stopped off at Citro Classique (also known as Citro Toon) in Borculo, about an hour outside Amsterdam. My idea was to make good use of the 60kg of luggage space I had available to me for my return flight to Australia and the use of a rental car to […]

Ribe classic

I visited Ribe, yesterday, the oldest city in Denmark. It just so happened that Ribe is the home of a weekly grassroots car show (each Tuesday night, 6-9pm). While my main purpose in Ribe was to see the old town and some of the tourist attractions, it was a lucky coincidence that this show was […]