280CE major service continued

The 280CE came over to the garage to continue the items on the major service, namely:

  • New Spark plugs
  • Transmission fluid and filter
  • Rear end fluid change
  • Brake fluid flush

We used NGK spark plugs as they offer non-resistor plugs that are easy to find.   The original spec for these cars called for non-resistor spark plugs, which are much harder to find now.   The plugs that were already in there were Beru and in reasonably good condition.

For the transmission, we changed the fluid, filter and pan gasket, but didn’t drain the torque converter.   When doing this it is important to not over tighten the pan and warp it and ensure that no debris is allowed to get inside the transmission.

The brake fluid was was much easier using a vacuum pump to make sure that all the old fluid was removed from the lines.

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