W126 Monovalve eliminator – part 3

I have been working on a project to eliminate the monovalve from the climate control system in my 560SEC.   In the last part I had almost completed the cooling hoses required for the job.   I had mostly worked out hose routing I was looking for – which was combining the dual outputs from the heater core into a single hose where I could place the new heater valve.

Looking further my design wasn’t going to quite line up.   Once I put the elbow piece on the end, it was too long and the hoses were bent too much.     I didn’t have the clearance to have another join between the heater valve and the engine block.

My solution was to use some hose offcuts to try and find a single hose that would join from the engine to the heater valve and replace the factory hose.    I created this, tested it and based on it working, I went to Supercheap Auto to find a hose that matched as closely as I could.

In the end a hose from a Toyota Hilux LN106R 2.8 I4 Diesel fit well.    I just had to trim off the ends to use the bend that I needed.  The fit is not perfect, but it is close enough that it is not putting too much pressure on the hose.

Cooling hoseI didn’t want to use the joined up bends because the place where the join needed to go was where the hose went through the firewall.   The clamps may have chafed against the firewall.    The single piece should work much better.   Once I get a few more parts I will be able to re-install the radiator.   From there I can make sure I don’t have any coolant leaks.

MonovalveFrom there, I was able to install the heater valve  and join it to the engine block.    Next step will be install the solenoid and vacuum connections.      The hoses will be eventually hidden by one of the control boxes.  I think it is for either the ABS or the CIS-E system.

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