Traction Avant – Further evaluation

This evening I went over to the garage to look at the Traction in more detail.   Overall I am still very happy with the purchase.  A couple of things that I noticed:

  1. There was a frayed wire in the boot for the number plate light.  I used electrical tape to ensure that it does not touch the metal.  Not sure if this is the cause, but one of the two fuses in the car was blown, so I replaced that with a 20A, which was what was in there.  Net result was no ascertainable difference.   Number plate light still didn’t work, and I couldn’t see any difference of other things now working.
  2. There was a set of brand new lap belts in the boot, still in boxes.  I will have these fitted at some point – there are already lap belts in the rear.
  3. Car has already been converted to negative earth and alternator
  4. Coolant is very dirty, as is brake fluid.  Oil looks nice and clean.
  5. Coolant overflow tube too short
  6. Throttle is a bit sticky, probably needs lubrication
  7. Fuel gauge does not work (was hoping fuse would fix this).
  8. Trafficators do not work
  9. Speedometer reads about 20mph optimistic
  10. Michelin tyres are correct and look fairly new
  11. Paint jobs is nice.   There are a few scratches and one or two places with a few bubbles, but overall very nice
  12. Interior is nice – the dome light has been removed for some reason, but the rest of it is very good.   Previous owner has also re-done the dash wood in a walnut veneer.    Missing front carpet.  Seats have been re-done in vinyl at some point, but in good condition.
  13. Clutch needs slight adjustment – needs to be pushed through the floor to fully engage.
  14. Has an aftermarket fuel pump fitted that  makes and almighty racket

The car drives along the road nicely.   And on a nice autumn evening you get great air flow from the opening windscreen and the opening scuttle panel.

Over time, I will start addressing these issues on the 1954 Traction Avant.


2 comments to Traction Avant – Further evaluation

  • oh a second question .
    regarding the windscreen. my 1954 traction uses a knob on the dash to open it. however, it only opens about 1/4 of an inch. how much should the windscreen actually open up?
    Looking you your car above, it would seem it should be 4 or 5 inches!

    I like the paint job. Actually the color.
    when i figure out how to get onto this web site i will post a foto of my traction.

    • admin

      Yes it should open up more than 1/4″ I am not near the car now, but it would be about 4-5″ I would imagine. You get lots of airflow through the screen when open. My car is a British built traction, so may be slightly different but I can’t imagine the 11D would be different in this regard.

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