Citroen DS seat cover replacement part 8

The seat covers project is now complete! This evening I finished the back of the drivers seat (started in part 7), and installed it. I also did the hard task of putting the centre arm rest in place too.

I didn’t fit the ashtray back as it was black for the Targa seats and should […]

DS Door cards – Update

Last year I removed the old targa door card from one of the rear doors and fitted the new velour door card. Today I was up to doing the front door.

This is a job that gets far easier with experience. Some of the websites mention needing far less of the clips than I used, […]

E-Type differential ratios

What the best differential ratio is for a straight six engined E-Type (Series 1 and Series 2) is one of those topics that generates plenty of opinions. So much so that my car has had two changes over its life. US delivered E-Type started life with a 3.54 ratio, which my car now has. This […]

The Putty road is the best way to the Hunter

There are two ways to get to the Hunter Valley – the boring way, on the F3, sitting in holiday weekend, bumper to bumper traffic; or you can take a bit of a detour and go via the Putty road.

This weekend, I chose the Putty road and to take the E-Type, and this decision […]

Citroen DS seat cover replacement part 7

Removing the seats from the car is an easy way of cleaning underneath them, and the trim underneath my seats was rather dirty. A good clean showed the original vinyl trim in good condition, which was great to see. Shame about the blue carpet, but that will be a project for the future.

I found […]

Book Review: Mercedes-Benz The 60’s Vol 1 by Bernd Koehling

I had wanted to buy this book for a while, as the author, Bernd S. Koehling had written some interesting blog articles on his website, so I figured I would try a couple of his books too (I also purchased Volume 2 which will be the subject of a later review). Added to that, he […]

Citroen DS seat cover replacement part 6

The passengers seat is now complete! In part 5, I was able to remove the old targa covers and get the seat down to foam. After a test fit of the covers, I felt they were too baggy, so I bought some additional foam from Clark Rubber. I went with the 25mm high density foam […]

Book Review: Citroen DS: The Complete Story by Jon Pressnell

The Citroen DS, being such an iconic car, has inspired a plethora of books on it’s design, history, restoration, models etc. The one that is the most recommended is ‘The Original Citroen DS – The restorers guide” by John Reynolds, mostly because of it’s excellent set of pictures; but this book is currently out of […]

Citroen DS seat cover replacement part 5

Now the rear seat is complete, it is time for the front seats. I started with the passengers seat, so I can still drive the car if necessary, as I expect once i’ve done the passengers seat I will be faster on the drivers seat. The seat rails are bolted onto the car with 4x11mm […]

E-Type register breakfast run

The JDCA had an informal E-Type register run up to the cafe at Swane’s nursery in Dural. An informal run meaning that the cars had to be on full registration to attend – not a problem for me. There are around 140 E-Types on the club register, so a nice variety of cars that can […]