New Addition: 1954 Citroen Light 15

Today I went and picked up the latest addition to the garage, a 1954 Citroen Light 15.    Being a Light 15, this car  is a Traction Avant and was built in Slough, UK.


I don’t have a lot of history for the car, but it has been registered in NSW since 1984 and recently had $18,000 of mechanical work done by European Autocare in Penrith (a well known Citroen Specialist).    The previous owner has spent quite a bit of money on this car and it shows.

There are still a few things that need putting right, but for the most part they can be done over time.   Getting it home I did have a slight mishap in that it stalled and wouldn’t restart – fortunately caused by a faulty coil connection.


Overall I have always wanted a Traction and this one was too good to pass up.


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