The Citroen DS was launched 60 years ago this month

In October 1955, Citroen unveiled one of the most innovative cars ever designed. There have been plenty of new cars that have introduced a new technology, or even a couple, but the DS was so radical that it immediately made everything else on the market seem old fashioned. And this was just the looks. Under the covers, the car contained a revolutionary hydraulic system that controlled the suspension, gear change and brakes. This system would go on to be used for over 50 years. It was also licensed by other marques such as Rolls-Royce and Mercedes-Benz. In addition, there were […]

2015 Mercedes Club NSW Concours

Today was the annual Mercedes Club concours and while it threatened to rain all day, the weather held off and a nice variety of cars showed up, including a gaggle of 190SLs, four 600s including a 4 door pullman and a decent number of cars from the ACT. With all those 600s, I expected to see a dictator with a chest full of self-awarded medals and his secret police rounding up dissidents, but he must have kept it low key.

Highlights for me were seeing the 600 pullman and the 190SL display. Interestingly, 3/4 600s were USA models in LHD […]

2015 ACT German Car Show

This year I took the 250SE down to the 2015 ACT German Car show, which I last attended in 2013. It was a lovely day to drive a convertible down to Canberra and as usual the 250SE performed very well. At freeway speeds the engine turns at 4,000 RPM, which is unusual for a modern car, but fits into the nature of the engine.

The show was worth the visit with a large Mercedes-Benz section, BMWs, Borgwards, NSUs, Goggomobile and VWs. I didnt’ get time to go through the VW section, but was able to see some of the other […]

2015 Shannons Eastern Creek

The Shannons car show at Eastern creek brings about 1700 cars from Sydney and surrounds to Eastern Creek raceway for a display and parade laps around the track.

The show is always a great way of seeing interesting cars that are rarely seen on the road. It was a lovely sunny day in Sydney and so good numbers turned up. I did not enter a car, but spent time looking at all the cars on display. The show is organized by club, and includes the larger make based clubs (e.g. Jaguar) as well as the smaller regional clubs, motor sports […]

2nd Prize in a beauty contest

My Light 15 was awarded 2nd prize in the pre-1956 Citroen category at the 2015 French Car Day. I hadn’t planned to enter the car, but did since there were only a couple of Tractions there. 1st prize went to a nice Big 15. Without a lot of effort I should be able to do better as I was obviously marked down for things like my missing front carpet. Concours is not really my thing, so while I want to make improvements to the car for my own enjoyment, I will not be wrapping it in cotton wool.

As usual […]

2014 NSW Mercedes Benz Club Concours

I attended the Mercedes Club Concours this year. It was a lovely day, 18c and a great turn out of cars. Also got to talk to some interesting people and hear about their cars. Unlike the last time I went in 2012, the older cars are starting to come back, they seemed to stay away for a few years, for one reason or another. Regardless It’s good to see them back. There are still a surprising number of late model cars entered, which personally I don’t see the point of a 2013 car in a concors event, but each to […]

2014 French Car Day

Today was the annual French car display day. Like last year, the event is put on by the French car clubs in Sydney, i.e. Peugeot, Renault, Simca etc. It was a lovely day and a good turnout – especially of DS including a few cars I had not yet seen in the club. A couple of cars in particular:

– A yellow D Special that was for sale not long after my car and was purchased by a club member and subject to a well documented restoration on Aussiefrogs.

– A red Safari that was purchased in bits a few […]

2013 ACT German car show

I was in Canberra this weekend, so I went along to see the annual German car show (organized by the various ACT clubs including the Mercedes Benz Club ACT), which was held in the carpark near the treasury building. it is normally held on the lawn in front of the lake but poor weather forced the change. Poor weather was also most likely responsible for the smaller than usual turn out of interesting cars, as there were a lot of newer models that you see every day there too.

However, despite the weather there were a few highlights:

The 280CE […]

Shannons Eastern Creek car show 2013

Today was the annual car show at eastern creek, organized by the car clubs and sponsored by Shannons. It is one of the better shows of he year to go to as you see a great range of cars, and entrants get a parade lap around eastern creek raceway. It’s worth taking your own food as you wouldn’t serve the overpriced crap they have there to your worst enemy.

I’ve never entered a car in the show, but would like to one year to do the parade lap.

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2013 French car display day

Today I went to the annual French Car display day. This is organized by the French Car clubs including Citroen, Peugeot, Renault, Simca etc. It’s held on a weekend around Bastille day, which this year happened to be the day of the event. It was a good day and good to see familiar cars and faces of the Citroen Car club members. Lots of interesting cars around, including a couple of early D’s, a custom DS convertible that one club member made himself, a lovely traction avant, and a really interesting hotchkiss with a wooden body.

I had just got […]