Citroen DS rear bumper reassembly

The world’s slowest Citroen DS reassembly continues. Today’s job was to reassemble the bumper in readiness to put it back on the car. I had taken the opportunity to polish the bumper while it was off the car. Since the DS rear bumper is made from stainless steel it came up very well with a bit of autosol.

I went through a whole bag of ebay polishing attachments from my drill, but each one made the bumper just a little bit better. I also took the time to fit a new overrider on one side. You have to be […]

Preparing the Citroen DS boot lid

The Citroen DS boot lid is almost ready to be mounted on the car. Before Xmas I was able to finally fit the badges properly. The next task was mounting all the other hardware and fitting a new boot lid seal.

The latching hardware and handle goes on quite easily if you have a 36mm spanner. The only fiddly bit is getting the drainage tube through the two holes in the lid. I used a pair of dental picks to accomplish this.

The standard Citroen DS boot lid seal is a very thick rubber that squashes down as the boot […]