Arthur Rizzo motors closes after 60 years

I’ve been taking my 450SLC and 250SE to Arthur Rizzo motors for service for over 10 years. Unfortunately for me, Harry, the owner of Rizzo’s has decided to retire and the workshop has closed. Every time I would call by the workshop, located under the train line to the harbour bridge, there would be an interesting Mercedes there – Pagoda’s, 6.3s, and even an exotic like 300SL from time to time.

People shy away from old cars because they worry about getting ripped off with service – but taking your car to Harry at Rizzos meant that driving an old […]

250SE Wedding car

The 250SE Cabriolet did wedding duty today for my Sister’s wedding. The weather was lovely, and the 250SE is a great wedding car – driving the bridal party very close to the wedding with the roof closed then stopping to open it so they could arrive in style. I was even able to set the car up with a white ribbon that I got from a friend who runs a wedding car business. Given this cars extensive history it is likely it has done a wedding before, but if not one more thing ticked off.

The wedding was at Nielson […]

Dawn Citroen drive up Putty road to the Hunter

The Putty road is one of the better driving roads close to Sydney – so much so that it is the favorite haunt of many Motorcycle clubs. (the ones that actually ride bikes, not the ones that sell speed). I’ve driven it a couple of times in the E-Type, and once in the 450SLC, but never in the DS. Given it is quite a twisty road, the DS which is more like a couch on wheels wasn’t my first choice for this route – but there is fun in doing a twisty road in absolute comfort, and the semi-automatic gear […]

Citroen night drive to La Perouse

This evening the Citroen Club organized a night drive to La Perouse. It was a lovely warm evening, perfect for taking the DS out for a drive.

The meeting point was Harry’s Cafe de Wheels in Tempe, which is a bit of a Sydney institution selling pies etc. Despite living in Sydney most of my life, I had never actually been there. The advertise the best pie in Sydney – it was nice although I have to say Oatley pies are better.

The blue car in the picture is a DS23 Automatic. Like my car, it is a comfort […]

The DS is that little bit shinier

A few months ago I had started polishing the DS using Auto-glym paint pro and the cheap Chinese polishing machine I bought on eBay.

I achieved good results on the roof, but overall there was much to do.

Today I used stage 1 on the bonnet and front wings. Took a few hours but much better than before. In the first photo you can see the front 1/3 of the bonnet has been done – compare the reflection of the flurecent lights with the rear of the bonnet that had not.

In the 2nd photo, you can see the results […]