W116 fuel filter and fuel strainer

My recently purchased 280SE is not running well. The symptoms feel like it is not getting enough fuel. Strangely enough, performance picked up with more petrol in the tank. Based on that, I wanted to eliminate two fairly obvious things before I started troubleshooting the fuel injection system. Namely, I wanted to make sure the various fuel filters installed on the car were not plugged up, and that I eliminated bad fuel. Mercedes-Benz vehicles of this era are fitted with three fuel filters. There is a fine mesh fuel strainer in the bottom of the petrol tank, next there is […]

MBCNSW January 2022 Night Drive to Cattai

The first night drive of the year was held a bit earlier than usual to avoid the Australia Day Holiday. This was actually a drive we planned for the second half of last year, but it was postponed due to the COVID lockdowns. This month, while we are no longer in lockdown, COVID cases are up in Sydney and tests are not available for love nor money. Therefore, many people are in self imposed lockdowns and the attendance of the drive was a bit smaller than normal.

The planned route was a variation on a previous drive before the night […]