250SE W111 Production Figures – Update

In a previous post, I was looking at the changeover of production of the 220SEb Coupe/Cabriolet to the 250SE Coupe/Cabriolet. Mercedes used the same number series for the 220SE Sedan, 220SE Coupe, Cabriolet and the 250SE Coupe and Cabriolet.

According to a Mercedes Factory Manual I have, the last 220SEb was #82991 (and the first […]

Final DS door card installed

The fourth and final door card for the DS is now installed. The reason for the long delay was that the rear drivers side door would not lock. If the door was unlocked, the mechanism would not hold the door closed, if locked, it would behave as if it were unlocked.

Therefore, before I fitted […]

Flashback: Sunday, April 20, 1972. Mercedes M110 Engine Launch

EMBARGO: Please do not publish before Sunday April 30, 1972


Confounding the criticism that today’s automobile engineers are too heavily engaged in meeting safety and pollution requirements to produce better vehicles, Mercedes-Benz has just unveiled a superb new twin overhead camshaft engine.

As well as meeting the […]

280CE Tie rod replacement

The 280CE was making a knocking sound while steering and it had failed its rego due to a bad tie rod, necessitating a replacement. The job is not that difficult, especially if you have the right tools. There are a few good resources on the Internet, but a few things I found:

I couldn’t remove […]

280CE no longer a colander

Not a perfect match, but a good repair for $300 cash.

280CE, Runing, registered and sold!

The 280CE is finished. New muffler, passed blue slip and sold. My brother has purchased the car as he wrote off the BMW that we ‘dismantled’ earlier. That means that it will still be featured on this website from time to time even though I no longer own it.

There are still a few […]

Small rust hole causes the CE to fail its blue slip

After replacing the water pump and test driving the 280CE, it was time to get it registered.

Unfortunately it failed due to a small rust hole in the body work. This is not structural, but NSW is very strict in this regard. There was also a minor leak from the power steering and minor leak […]

The 280CE runs again

The 280CE finally has a new water pump and no longer leaves an embarrassing puddle where it sleeps.

After fighting with the bolts on the visco fan, it was finally able to be removed with a combination of drilling and vice grips. After that, the rest of the disassembly was not nearly as bad. In […]