DS Sill trim – complete

The DS is back together and sporting pretty much a whole new interior. The new sill trim is complete and the seats have been refitted and carpets re-installed. I’m really happy with the results and glad I didn’t try and make a part-Pallas. The Pallas cars have carpet instead of this trim, and many non-Pallas […]

DS sill trim – replacement part 4

The project to replace the sill trim progresses well. The glue had done a good job with the passengers side trim in part 3, so I proceeded to glue down the drivers side as well.

While this set, I was able to re-attach the seatbelt and then start working on re-attaching the lower stainless […]

DS sill trim – replacement part 3

The installation of the new sill trim in the DS progresses. Today I was able to glue down the passengers side of the car after doing some final trimming to size (mostly done in part 2). I ended up using an entire can of spray adhesive, as the underside of the trim absorbs a lot […]

DS sill trim – replacement part 2

The DS has large box sections that run down both sides. On the DS comfort, there are various bits of vinyl trim that cover these sections. In part 1, I had replaced the outer trim and door sealing strips. Next was the inner trim. The inner trim comes mostly pre-cut to size, but it needs […]