W111 Fuel filler cap door

You can own a car for years and still find interesting design details that you never noticed. I’ve owned W111’s for around 10 years and today discovered for the first time that the W111 fuel filler cap door can be held open with the fuel cap. Another example is the little brackets on the DS bumper that keep the rear wings from scraping.

There is a little moulding on the door that holds it open if the cap is placed against it. All these years I have been holding the door open with my hand or the petrol pump. […]

Mounting the DS rear bumper

The restoration of my DS is almost complete. The DS rear bumper is now back on the car and from the outside the car looks complete. I’m really happy with how it looks.

The bumper is actually quite simple to mount. In retrospect I should have removed it in one piece instead of disassembling it. It would have saved me a lot of time. The two bumper irons are bolted to the body with big rubber isolators to provide a small amount of ‘give’. What I find odd is that the nuts are really narrow. You need a 26mm […]

Citroen DS Tail light

The rear bumper bar has been ready for fitting since February. I had not yet mounted it was one of my tail light housings was not working and I figured its easier to replace this with the bar off the car. A friend in the Citroen Club gave me a used one, which was better than what I had, but also not working. My next option was to purchase a reproduction part. The quality of reproduction parts for the DS can be quite spotty, so I was interested to see what the reproduction DS tail light assembly would be like.