P5 Coupe – Further evaluation

I spent some time yesterday examining the P5 Coupe I purchased from the Flynn Action in a little more detail. Like a lot of the Flynn cars it has received a lot of mechanical attention over the years. It is clear that little to no effort was spent on the body or cosmetics.

One feature unique to the P5 over the P5B is that it has provision for a starting handle. I’ve never started a car using a starting handle, despite having two so equipped. (The DS and the Traction). Even though the car was cold and had not run […]

Citroen DS boot hinge

The photo below shows the various components that make up the C Pillar trim and boot hinge. My trims are on OK but not perfect condition. It is also clear how poor the previous paint job was with the over spray evident in the picture.

All the parts will need a good clean and polish before being put back on the car. Despite being very old the rubber gasket was in good condition,

Removing the rear bumper from the DS

The next step to prepare the DS for paint was to remove the bumper bar. This also allows the number plate panel to be removed which needs to be repainted as well. In theory the whole bumper assembly can be removed by detaching the mounts, but I was not able to get the out. Therefore, I removed each piece of the bumper assembly from the mounting points. This will allow me to clean and polish them before I put them back on the car.

The bottom part can be removed first, leaving the top part attached to the mounting […]

Ken the Rover P5B

While I was at the Flynn auction, I had heard that there were a few people who were interested in buying back cars they had sold to Dr Flynn some years earlier. This week I found a website that tells the story of a particular P5B Saloon (nicknamed Ken) that was bought back by its previous owner and how the car had been such an important part of their family. I think anyone who is into cars will really get a kick out of reading this story. I know I enjoyed it. I don’t remember the car but it looks […]

The re-launch of this website

This website was originally created on a free hosting provider over 2 years ago. Generally you get what you pay for, so the speed and reliability were extremely poor. Not long after, it was moved to a low cost provider ($10 per year) which was much better; but in the last few months this provider must have added many more customers to its shared servers, as performance suffered. In addition, the Chinese search engine, Baidu was crawling the site to the tune of 1.5Gb per day which was exhausting all the available bandwidth.

Therefore, the site is being re-launched with […]