Insanity reigns at the Shannons Melbourne Auction

The world has officially gone mad, with prices for Kombi vans (aka the VW Bus) reaching the stratosphere. This to me is a clear bubble market and anyone who has a split window Kombi should sell it now while you can. You’ll probably be able to buy it back for a third of the money in 5 years.

Offered for auction was an 11 window bus, which reached a hammer price of $158,000 after furious bidding.

Coming back to reality, somebody got a nice deal on a black Mercedes 220a Roundie for $7,500 and under the estimate of around $10-12k. […]

2015 Rolls Royce Owners Club Concours

I have always admired Rolls Royce and Bentley automobiles, and was impressed with the display at the British Car Show, so decided to go down and see the 2015 Rolls Royce Owners Club concours. The event was held at Linnwood House, which is a historic house located in Sydney’s western suburbs. The House has some very nice grounds that are perfect for holding a car show.

The show was worth the trip and despite early rain had a good showing of cars. As well as RROC, the Rover Club and the Daimler club had displays on, and was able […]

Door mirrors for the Traction Avant

Driving a car from the 50’s often means impatient drives roaring around you when you set off from traffic lights, especially uphill. Sydney drivers are particularly bad for this.

Traction Avants, as with most 50’s cars are only fitted with a small interior rear-view mirror and no outside mirror. This makes parking and lane changing a challenge.

I had seen many tractions fitted with door mounted mirrors so I bought a set from Der Franzose and fitted them today. The mirrors mount on the leading edge of the suicide doors, with a small bracket that allows the mirror to screw […]

New tyres for the 250SE and the DS

Every classic car community has an issue that polarizes opinion and spawns countless threads on Internet discussion boards.

For the Citroen DS, that issue is what is the right tyre for the DS? Michelin were the owners of Citroen during the entire production run of the DS. During that time they pioneered the radial tyre, which was introduced in 1949. The Radial was obviously standard fitment to the DS on release in 1955. In 1965, Michelin introduced the XAS, which was the first asymmetrical radial tyre. The premise was that the inside of the tyre needs to work differently to […]