MBCNSW May 2024 Night Drive – Northern Beaches Loop

Last night was the MBCNSW May night drive. This drive was a little different to what we normally do. Instead of a longer drive on semi-rural twisty roads, this one was shorter and far closer to the city.

The genesis of this drive came from remembering how peaceful it was up at North Head in the evening. The views back to the city and across the harbour are amazing. I thought it would be a good place to go to take some photos of all the older cars lined up against the view. The original idea was to start at […]

Centennial Park cars and coffee May 2024

This morning I woke up early and so decided to head to a cars and coffee event. I hadn’t been to one in a while, and it looked like a lovely Autumn day in Sydney. The event on this weekend was the one in Centennial Park. Last time I attended this one was back in mid 2022. This event has moved around a bit as the eastern suburbs are not friendly to car events.

When I got there, I found the location had moved again. It was still in the park, but it is now near the Spruce Goose Diner, […]

240D motor mounts, engine shock and thermostat

I just got my 240D back from having the motor mounts changed. When I purchased the 240D, the motor mounts were one of the few obvious things that needed attending to on the car. They looked pretty bad and the engine was shaking at idle.

On a W123 or W126, normally I would go with the Lemforder motor mounts, which are excellent. I couldn’t find any of those for sale. Generally I avoid Meyle parts as I find their quality and longevity questionable. However, I had read a couple of good reviews of their HD parts. Given 240Ds have […]

107 under bonnet insulation

The under bonnet insulation was starting to reach the end of its use by date. Bits of it in the air filter were a pretty good indicator of this. I’m not sure how long it had been on, but it pre dated my ownership of the car. Looking more carefully, I could see the main insulation mat, which was falling apart. However, I could also see traces of where a smaller insulation mat had been behind the bracing section near the rear of the bonnet. That one was mostly gone, but a few chunks remained. It looked like it was […]

W123 under bonnet insulation

The under bonnet insulation on my W123 240D had started to crumble on the edges. While it had only just started happening, it also appeared that the car didn’t have a proper insulation mat. I’m not sure if it was an older aftermarket option, or something cut to size but it looked like some thin light coloured foam. Since I was doing this job on the 450SLC, I figure it was a good time to get both done at the same time.

This insulation is quite important. Not only does it reduce noise, but it does protect the paint. My […]

S211 cheap antenna fix

Like a lot of modern cars, the S211 E350 my wife drives has a ‘shark fin’ antenna on the roof. There are generally maintenance free, in contrast with telescopic power antennas. However, in our case, when the antenna was broken after hitting a garage door, the fix was not obvious.

The proper fix would be to replace the antenna with a new Mercedes-Benz unit. However, to do this, the headlining needs to come down to remove it. Doing a bit of research on the forums, this looked like a big job.

I was concerned after driving around like this for […]

Guest Post: 2024 Jensen Car Club National Rally

The Jensen Car Club of Australia (JCCA) was formed in 1987 though the amalgamation of two former Clubs, “The Jensen Interceptor Car Club of Victoria” and the Australia Jensen-Healy Owners Club”.

Our feature event is the National Rally, the first which was held in Canberra in 1983. The 2024 National Rally has just been held in Perth, Western Australia (May 3-6th). This is the first Rally to be held in Perth, Western Australia, given the close ties that have formed with the Jensen Motoring Association WA (JMA).

There were approximately 70 attendees from all over Australia, two of which drove […]