2011 British Car Show

The 2017 British Car Show was the 37th such event. The first one I attended was the 2011 British Car show. This website did not exist in 2011, so the photos were never posted. Its interesting to see many of the same cars are still attending the show. Many of these are now sporting classic registration as NSW has adopted a workable system. The W.O. Bentley that I admired this year was also in attendance in 2011, along with another car. In addition, there was a nice display of Jensen Interceptors, something missing in 2017. The Daimler display was also […]

2017 British Car Day

The annual British car display day at the Kings School is not be missed. Over 1500 classic British cars, trucks and commercial vehicles. The weather was lovely so the turnout was excellent. Last year, the show had to be postponed due to a sodden field.

Not only is the display quite a sight, but its one of the few times of the year you’ll sit in traffic behind a Jowett and have a Daimler behind you. One of the highlights was seeing a Bentley 6.5 liter in the Vintage Sports Car Club. I was hoping to see a Derby Bentley […]

DS Paint Complete

The paintwork on the DS is now complete and the car is ready to be re-assembled.

I have the car back in my warehouse. To re-assemble I need to:

Re-fit the four door cards, rear seats and carpets Polish the boot hinges, fit the boot, C pillar trims etc Polish and re-assemble the rear bumper Re-fit the lights and rear number plate Rear indicators Antenna and rear view mirrors

In addition, the wiring is not right for the headlights so this will need to be traced one at a time. It will probably be some weeks before I can […]

DS final adjustment

The DS should be ready to be collected next week. All the panels are back on including the NOS bonnet.

The front of the car looks pretty much as it should now. Just minor adjustments for panel fit left. The painted wheels also make a massive difference.

The rear wings are also now done and adjusted. I’ll be doing the boot lid when I get the car home.


300SE head gasket – worth fixing?

Recently on the 300SE I had to make a decision if I would fix the head gasket or junk the car. To do the repair right was going to cost pretty much what I paid for the car. I had also spent pretty decent money doing the water pump only a few months before. To add to that I probably had at least another $1,000 to spend getting the air conditioning working again. Instead of this being a $3-4000 car, its more like a $9,000 car. Had I the time, I may have attempted the job myself, like the water […]

DS Paint almost complete

The new DS paint is almost complete and it looks amazing! The car is completely transformed with a professional paint job and a nice colour. In addition, the wheels are sporting their correct grey.

I’m really happy with the decision to change the colour and to have the back of the car done. Its not going to be cheap, but there is a night and day difference to the old paintwork. The chassis has also been painted black which is correct for the car. Rouge Massena is a great choice for this car. You never can tell 100% from […]

NOS C Pillar trims for the DS

Despite having no luck with the normal European suppliers, I was able to source much better C Pillar trims for the DS locally through the Aussie Frogs Forum. The DS C Pillar trims are a key part of the design, and fit in under the indicator trumpet. As my car is a DS21 Comfort, the trims with the ‘thick’ corrugations are correct. ID19s have different trims, as do Pallas cars. The trims are rather fragile and in fairly poor shape on many cars. My trims were wavy, discoloured and had some paint overspray. To replace them, I have one new […]