Rebuilt Mercedes brake calipers

I attempted to attend the MBCNSW May night drive with two separate cars. Coincidently, I had the same brake issue with both cars. On both cases I experienced a soft brake pedal, and on further investigation a very hot drivers side rear wheel. The rear caliper was not releasing properly causing it to drag and boil the brake fluid.

I knew the hoses were only a year old on the 560SEL, so the issue was likely to be with the caliper. The hoses were probably due for a change on the 250SE, so could have been either issue there. Based […]

Eastern Suburbs Cars and Coffee June 2022

It’s a lovely winter weekend here in Sydney. Cool in the morning and evening, but pleasant during the day. With a break in the weather, it felt like a good opportunity to take my 250SE to the show with its newly rebuilt brakes and recent tune up. It was also an opportunity to take a drive with the top down. I don’t think I’ve managed to do that all this year.

The new location is really convenient, one set of lights off the eastern distributor. Plenty of parking and no fun police. The real Police did a few drive pasts, […]

50 Years of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class

The S-Class is probably the signature model for Mercedes-Benz. Personally it’s what I think of when I think of the brand. When I think Porsche, I think rear engined sports cars. When I think of BMW its sports saloons with an inline six. For Mercedes-Benz, it’s the S-Class. Throughout the years the company has seen other halo models come and go, such as the 300SL Gullwing and the 600. But the S-Class has always been that statement of what the best car they could make that would actually sell.

The S-Class was officially launched in 1972 with the introduction of […]

Preparing my 280SE for the MBCNSW S-Class display

2022 is 50 years since the introduction of the W116 S-Class in 1972. The W116 S-Class was the first one that Mercedes-Benz actually referred to as the S-Class. Previous models had filled the same slot in the line-up and even had S in the model designation, but it was the W116 where the S-Class name started. To commemorate this, the Mercedes Benz Club planned a display day for all S-Class models. Had they kept it to the W116 S-class it probably would have been a small show. Most of them rusted away years ago.

I was quite keen to have […]

USA Junkyard visit 2022

I’m currently in the USA for work. I arrived the day before the event I am attending, so had a couple of hours to spare before work started. I’m in Las Vegas, so most people would have hit the casinos or shopped at the outlet malls. Instead, I headed to a self service junkyard to grab Mercedes Parts. I’ve been to Las Vegas many times before for work, so I’ve seen all the main tourist stuff, and I have no interest in gambling. Driving old cars exclusively is a gamble enough.

Online, I had spotted a junkyard in northern Las […]

Auto Brunch St Ives June 2022

Due to COVID, bad weather and other commitments, it had been a while since I attend the Auto Brunch event at St. Ives showground. March 2021 to be exact. I finally made it back today and as usual it was a great event. Of all the cars and coffee events in Sydney, I think this is by far the best. There is always incredible variety at this show and today was no different.

In addition to the show, The Mercedes Club planned an event to watch the sunset and Balmoral beach and then drive over to the event. I didn’t […]

250SE refusing to start and the importance of not jumping to conclusions

The other day I had to move the 250SE out of the way to access the 280SE. The 280SE was parked in a fairly inaccessible spot until I had sorted out the fuel injection. With that looking promising on the test gauges, it was time to take it for a proper test drive. I had not been driving the 250SE of late, as the rear brakes are sticking and its booked in to have that repaired in June. There are also a few other minor issues to look at, such as the bonnet being stuck closed.

To get the 280SE […]