Shannons Auction Sydney – March 2014

The Citroen Club were invited to see a preview of the cars up for auction by Shannons next week. This months auction catalogue was a bit of ‘something for everyone’, ranging from a nice looking Wolseley with an estimate of $4,000 to $6000 to a Ferrari Dino 246.

My picks from this auction were:

An immaculate looking BMW 635csi for $12,000 to $15,000. I’ve always been a fan of the 6 series, with its sharp styling and good handling. This is a lot of car for the money. A nice looking Mercedes 250SL (unfortunately with a 280SL badge) that had […]

Citroen Club Tech Event Feb 2014

Today I managed to make my second Citroen Car Club tech event. Today was bucketing down with rain, so my intention of regassing my spheres went out the window as I didn’t feel the need to lie down in puddles to remove them and the lift was otherwise occupied with an old caddy. Nevertheless it was good to get to the event see some of the other cars and club members.

Given the poor weather, I got to ride in two Citroens I had not experienced before – A GS and a DS 23 EFI Automatic.

The GS was quite […]

Alternate route to the Hunter – Wisemans Ferry

On a recent trip to the Hunter Valley I was looking for ways of avoiding the F3 and its traffic. On the way there, I went via the Putty Road. On the way back, I took tourist route 33 then over Wisemans ferry.

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The route is nice with minimal traffic, good winding roads and scenery. As you drive along route 33, you’ll see an early sign to Wisemans Ferry – this is an unsealed road and not the ferry you’re looking for, so ignore this sign. You’ll also get to smell the chicken farms […]

DS Radiator Flushed

The vinegar flush I tried yesterday removed a lot of silt from the DS radiator. Each of the bottles I captured the old coolant in had a fairly decent layer of sediment in the bottom the next day. Despite the flushing, the radiator still looked dirty, so I used the bottle of Wynn radiator flush as well. It also removed a fair amount, although not as much as the first go with the vinegar.

My new thermostat is still on order (I ordered the 75c), so I took the car for a test drive (just using plain water) and it […]

The temperature light in the DS works

The only warning light in the Citroen DS I wasn’t sure worked was the temperature warning. You can test the bulb by pressing the button, but that doesn’t testing the sender and the connection. Today, I found it does work, and that my temperature gauge is pretty accurate; The DS overheated today and I was greeted with the little temperature light and the STOP! light too.

I was driving along Wakehurst Parkway from Mona Vale to Frenches Forest, and the temperature was sitting at the top part of the ‘white’ section of the temperature gauge. However, on going up the […]

Mercedes-Benz Classic Coupes

It is hard to find somebody who prefers four door cars on aesthetic grounds. Sure, four door cars may be more practical, often cheaper to insure and easier to live with, but when buying a classic car, those considerations are not nearly as important.

Mercedes Benz have always provided a range of handsome coupes in their range, which are still even years later a practical classic car, and can easily be used a daily drivers.

This article is going to focus on the Mercedes-Benz classic coupes from the 60s, 70s and 80s, which are the most available for the collector […]