Mounting the DS rear bumper

The restoration of my DS is almost complete. The DS rear bumper is now back on the car and from the outside the car looks complete. I’m really happy with how it looks.

The bumper is actually quite simple to mount. In retrospect I should have removed it in one piece instead of disassembling it. It would have saved me a lot of time. The two bumper irons are bolted to the body with big rubber isolators to provide a small amount of ‘give’. What I find odd is that the nuts are really narrow. You need a 26mm […]

Citroen DS rear bumper reassembly

The world’s slowest Citroen DS reassembly continues. Today’s job was to reassemble the bumper in readiness to put it back on the car. I had taken the opportunity to polish the bumper while it was off the car. Since the DS rear bumper is made from stainless steel it came up very well with a bit of autosol.

I went through a whole bag of ebay polishing attachments from my drill, but each one made the bumper just a little bit better. I also took the time to fit a new overrider on one side. You have to be […]

Citroen DS bumpers polished.

The bumpers on the Citroen DS were a bit scruffy, so I used the autosol metal polish to shine them up. They were not nearly as bad as the C-pillar trim, but they came up really nicely with a bit of polishing.

The front bumpers (the rears were pretty similar):

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