New tyres for my W111 250SE

I recently drove down to Canberra in my 1965 250SE. This was the first time I had taken the car on a longish trip in a couple of years. The main reason for that was the running issue had been experiencing with the car over the last few years. I finally solved this issue last year by fitting a new electronic distributor.

On the way down I noticed how bad the ride was. The car was quite bouncy and not very enjoyable to drive. While the car didn’t do any long trips, I was using it quite a bit on […]

W126 drag link and alignment

I’m planning to drive my 560SEC down to Melbourne in a few weeks. I’m going see the Mercedes Benz Club of Victoria concours and attend a tech day on electrical troubleshooting.

A drive like this meant attending to a few things I had on my to do list for the car. One of them was to replace the W126 drag link. It was supposed to be replaced at the same time as the tie rods and idler bushing were done. Unfortunately, I had bought the wrong part. I should have realized but the left hand drive part is different to […]