BMW E39 Garage Chair

I’ve had two BMW E39 front seats in the garage for a couple of years. My brother wrote off his 1999 BMW 523i a couple of years back. He was originally going to do something with the seats, but since moved interstate. I’ve always thought that one of them would make a great garage chair. The main downside is they are immensely heavy. Even though these are manual seats and do not have motors, I was shocked at how heavy they really are – to the point that is is pretty awkward for one person to maneuver them.

The plan […]

Scrapping an E39 BMW

My brother has been removing items from the interior of the E39 BMW before it goes off to become beer cans. Scrap dealers only offer a few hundred dollars, so this can be a good way of making a bit more from the wreck.

The black leather front seats will make great chairs in the house too!