2023 Fleet Update

With 2023 at a close, time for another fleet update. Like last year, I will cover the highlights and lowlights for each car, major worked performed, how much I used them and plans for the future. In 2023 I managed to drive my classics almost 18,000km. Classics need regular use or they deteriorate badly, so I’m glad I was able to drive them so much. I would sell a car I don’t drive regularly, unless there was a specific reason preventing it. The cars are listed in order of their use in the year. It’s not exact, as I note […]

2022 Fleet Update

With yet another year almost finished, time for an update on the Classic Jalopy fleet. Similar to last year, I will go over what I did with each car, any issues, and future plans. As with last year, I don’t own (or desire) a modern car, so these cars are used as a combination of hobby and everyday transport. Last year I had a couple of months between jobs, so I had more time to drive the cars. This year I did just under 14,000km across eight cars. The cars are listed in order of how many miles they did […]

2021 Fleet Update

With the year coming to a close it felt like a good idea to do a 2021 fleet update. A bit of a summary of any issues I had with each car, how much I used it and any future plans. I don’t own a modern car, so these cars not only get used as a hobby, but as everyday transport – regardless of weather or traffic. My wife does own a 2007 car, but I only use that car when the whole family is going somewhere. The cars are listed in the order of how much I used them […]