The Concours Run 2023 – Summary

Last year I did a road trip in classic Mercedes to the National Rally in Adelaide. The friends I went with all agreed that we wanted to do it again this year, and in many ways the road trip was better than the actual event. This year without a National Rally, we picked the MBCV Concours in Melbourne as our anchor event. We dubbed our trip The Concours Run 2023.

As with last year, the drive was an integral part of the whole experience. It wasn’t just about getting there, it was about the journey. Great roads, camaraderie with friends, […]

The Concours Run 2023 – The Cars

On the Concours Run, we had 9 cars on the trip. While I don’t mention people’s names on this site for privacy reasons, this article goes through the cars that came on the drive, with some background on them and how they went. All the cars made it back under their own power, and there were few mechanical issues to speak of.

They are listed in order of oldest to newest.

1971 280S manual (W108)

This 280S was first sold in Western Australia and first registered in 1972. It is equipped with a manual transmission, when most W108s sold […]

The Concours Run 2023 – Day 2: Great Alpine Road

The second day of our classic Mercedes road trip between Sydney and Melbourne focused mostly on driving the Great Alpine Road (B500). On Day 1, we started in Mt Victoria and ended up in Tumut.

We started early, at 6:30AM to maximise daylight hours. Our destination was Corryong for a breakfast stop. This first leg was rather scenic and we stopped a few times to get some good photos of the cars at various spots. At Corryong, we had breakfast at a country bakery, before heading off to our next destination, which was Myrtleford.

The road between Corryong […]

The Concours Run 2023 – Day 1: Mt Victoria to Tumut

Today was the first day of our epic road trip to Melbourne in 9 classic Mercedes Benz. Our goal was to head down for the annual MBCV concours event and a tech day they were running the day before. I previously covered the plan for the trip. Our destination today was Tumut.

Before we even started, we lost one of the cars. One of our group had purchased a lovely ‘new’ W108 280SE 3.5 earlier this year. It’s a really nice car, but it had not seen a whole lot of use in recent years. Unfortunately all the work required […]