Citroen DS sphere pressure check

Today I attended a Citroen Car club tech day. Since most Citroens are equipped with hydropneumatic suspension, the club has equipment to pressure test spheres. It has been five years since I tested my spheres, so they were well overdue. The sphere pressure check equipment consists of a hand pump and pressure gauge. The club […]

CCCNSW Tech Day Oct 2014

Today was one of the regular tech days organised by the Citroen Club. I always enjoy the tech days, even if I am not doing much to my car – you can see the other cars, talk to the other members and sometimes learn how to do things by watching what other people do.

One […]

Citroen Club Tech Event Feb 2014

Today I managed to make my second Citroen Car Club tech event. Today was bucketing down with rain, so my intention of regassing my spheres went out the window as I didn’t feel the need to lie down in puddles to remove them and the lift was otherwise occupied with an old caddy. Nevertheless it […]

Citroen Club Tech Day

Today I attended my first Citroen club tech Day. The event was at Schenk & Co Panel Beaters in Lidcombe. It was a great event. I got a lot of great advice on my car and was able to drive two manual Safaris (a 67 ID21 and 74 ID23). I also got my dash back […]