New coil, cap and rotor bring the SLC back to life

As outlined in a previous post, the 450SLC broke down a week and a half ago and the NRMA helped me diagnose it down to a bad coil. Yesterday, my new coil, cap and rotor arrived so I got down to getting fitting them t the car.

A quick test of the new coil had the car roaring back to life, so I swapped the new coil in properly. This job can be done with the tools found in the Mercedes tool roll (screwdriver, 8mm and 10mm spanner), which helped as the car was not near my tools.


After 10 years of ownership, the SLC finally leaves me stranded

During the 10 years and around 40,000 kms I’ve owned the 450SLC, it’s proven to be extremely reliable. Sure i’ve had a flat battery once a couple of times, and a fuel pump that would cause the engine to occasionally stall until it was replaced, but it has never left me stranded, until this weekend.

About 100 meters from my driveway, the engine started to loose power and then finally died. I was able to restart it briefly, then nothing. Given the fuel was low, my first thought was that the tank may be dry and the gauge giving an […]