107 under bonnet insulation

The under bonnet insulation was starting to reach the end of its use by date. Bits of it in the air filter were a pretty good indicator of this. I’m not sure how long it had been on, but it pre dated my ownership of the car. Looking more carefully, I could see the main insulation mat, which was falling apart. However, I could also see traces of where a smaller insulation mat had been behind the bracing section near the rear of the bonnet. That one was mostly gone, but a few chunks remained. It looked like it was […]

W123 under bonnet insulation

The under bonnet insulation on my W123 240D had started to crumble on the edges. While it had only just started happening, it also appeared that the car didn’t have a proper insulation mat. I’m not sure if it was an older aftermarket option, or something cut to size but it looked like some thin light coloured foam. Since I was doing this job on the 450SLC, I figure it was a good time to get both done at the same time.

This insulation is quite important. Not only does it reduce noise, but it does protect the paint. My […]

W126 Sedan Bonnet Insulation

A few months ago I replaced the under bonnet insulation pad on my 560SEC. This job also needed doing on the 300SE. I purchased both pads at the same time, and finally got a chance to do the second one today. Note, if you’re looking for more information on forums, American sites will refer to this as a hood pad. There are youtube videos by Kent Bergsma and Pierre Hedary on Hood Pad replacement.

For the 560SEC, I had a genuine Mercedes part. The coupe is different to the sedan. For the 300SE, I have one made by Febi. Unlike […]

W126 Bonnet insulation

All W126 models have an insulation pad under the bonnet to protect the paintwork and reduce engine noise. Over time, the W126 bonnet insulation degrades and starts crumbling down onto the engine. At this point most owners simply remove it.

I own two W126 models with the remnants of their insulation pads. A few months ago, I purchased W126 bonnet insulation to fit to both of the cars. It is worth noting here that the coupe insulation pad is different to the sedan. I also purchased some Selleys Kwik Grip gel to glue the pad to the bonnet. It apparently […]

Citroen DS under bonnet insulation

As my DS has a NOS bonnet, I did not want the hot engine to damage the paint. The Citroen DS under bonnet insulation not only protects the paint, but also reduces noise. I was also told that I was missing two brackets that help hold on the insulation.

I was able to purchase a good used pair of the brackets and have some help to get the bonnet off to install the insulation. It comes in three pieces so is quite easy to install. As can be seen in the picture, it does not cover the whole bonnet, as […]