1982 Mercedes 280CE

I hadn’t planned to buy another car when I saw this W123 280CE, but I felt I had to rescue it.  It was advertised on eBay but Mercedes was misspelt and the description was lacking.   The Ad mentioned it had a leaking radiator.

I bought the car and got it home.   Turns out the radiator was fine, it had a leaking water pump.  This was probably from sitting around not being used.   In driving it a short distance I could tell it was fundamentally a good car, so I got to work getting it going again.   I didn’t really have a use for the car, so my plan was to sell it after I got it working again.

The main issues that the car faced were:

  • Leaking water pump – replaced
  • Small rust hole – fixed
  • Leak from front door – turned out the door seal was hard and the window was not going underneath it.  This could be worked around by closing the door with the window down a little then raising the window.
  • Tie rod and idler arm bushing – replaced
  • No radio – fitted
  • Service due – done

It also had a number of other cosmetic issues that did not stop it working as a car, but would improve the enjoyment of driving it.

As it happened, my Brother needed a new car, and din’t have a big budget to spend.   He used to own a W123 280CE (a 1978 model, 12305322001921), which he owned for some years and sold with minor front end damage and almost 300,000 km on the clock.    Therefore, he agreed to buy the 280CE.     The car had about 310,000 when I sold it to him and now has almost 330,000.  It’s great to see the car back on the road from sitting forlornly in somebody’s front yard.

The photo below shows the 1978 car which was a very nice car, at least at the time.

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