Citroen night drive to La Perouse

This evening the Citroen Club organized a night drive to La Perouse.   It was a lovely warm evening, perfect for taking the DS out for a drive.

The meeting point was Harry’s Cafe de Wheels in Tempe, which is a bit of a Sydney institution selling pies etc.   Despite living in Sydney most of my life, I had never actually been there.   The advertise the best pie in Sydney – it was nice although I have to say Oatley pies are better.

DS21 and DS23

The blue car in the picture is a DS23 Automatic.  Like my car, it is a comfort model (Not a Pallas).

On the drive there is a selection of DS including a DS23 Safari, The black Cabriolet I saw at the auction, as well as some more modern Citroens.   I also saw a lovely grey CX Prestige at the home of a club member.   The space in the rear of this car is larger than most hotel rooms in Europe.  (The Prestige is the long wheel base CX)

At night in La Perouse

A few of us got separated on the way to La Perouse, but in the end we were able to catch up again.

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