Citroen DS Window Adjustment

The windows in a Citroen DS are frame-less.  This means they need careful adjustment so they seal properly and wind up and down to the correct height.   When my car was painted, the panels were refitted much better than before – they now generally line up!   A proper panel alignment meant my doors were in slightly different positions than before the paint.  Not only that, but the window alignment wasn’t great either.   Therefore, my Citroen DS needed a window adjustment before the door cards could be refitted.

Citroen DS Window Adjustment

There are two adjustment points.   The first is the angle of the window.  Too much angle and the door is hard to close and the window may be damaged.   Too little and the window will not seal and rattle against the car.   This door had too much angle, so I was able to adjust it with the four adjustment screws on the door channel.   Two of the adjustment screws can be seen in the picture above on the edge of the door.     These are normally covered by rubber grommets.

These four adjustment points can also be used for minor vertical alignment.   This was necessary on the front drivers door that was about 1cm too low at max height.

The front passengers door on the other hand had a problem.  This window could be wound up about 5 cm too high.   This puts the window at risk of breaking if the door is closed while the window is raised too high.     After consulting Aussiefrogs, it turns out that I am missing some parts in my window winder mechanism.   I didn’t have those parts so I needed to make my own limiter.    The picture below showed the mounting point for the proper limiter.

Citroen DS Window Adjustment

To make my own limiter, I needed to first add the tab that is supposed to be on the guide rail.   I then needed to add an L shaped piece to the hole shown above that would make contact with the tab.   This is not a perfect solution, nor is it as good as the factory, but it does stop the window from going too high.

Citroen DS Window Adjustment

Final step was to prepare the white ‘cups’ that allow the door cards to attach.   All that is left now is to lubricate the window mechanism and re-fit new moisture barriers.   I will also need to order a few more of the rubber grommets that cover the window winder adjustment.  I only had a couple of spares and most of the upper ones were largely disintegrated.

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