The Louwman Museum

During my recent trip to Europe, I went to the Louwman Museum, in The Hague, Netherlands.     I cannot recommend this museum highly enough.   It is superb.     The collection is excellent, it is well laid out, and has good descriptions in English.

Some highlights:

  • Rare and interesting cars from before 1900
  • The largest collection of Benz cars (i.e. before the merger with Daimler)
  • A large collection of Spyker cars
  • Early steam and electric cars, including the first hybrid car, 80 years before the Prius
  • Various ‘celebrity’ owned cars including Churchill, Kaiser Willhelm, Elvis, General Montgomery etc
  • Mercedes 500K Special Roadster and SSK
  • A Duesenberg SJ
  • A great Bugatti collection
  • Other interesting cars including a Tatra, the infamous Swan Car
  • And much more!


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